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What on offer in Coffs Harbour NSW


Owner Mark Brody with over 7000 jumps, will ensure you enjoy every minute of your adventure of a lifetime.


You will be securely strapped to your instructor by 
the way of your own special harness. After a 15 minute 'chat' about what we will be doing, we then practice at the aircraft before climbing in to spend 20 minutes climbing to 10.000 feet gazing out the window of the best views of the Coffs Harbour Coastline. 

The practice is then put to good use as we climb out
into the rush of wind and noise to launch ourselves into space for a 35 second plunge at 200kph. Fear goes out the window as you place your life in the hands of your instructor. Then, the parachute opens. 


Coffs Harbour adventures and tours.

Coffs Harbour adventures and tours.

Coffs Harbour adventures and tours.

The wind stops rushing past and everything slows down. 

You are encouraged to take over the reigns and do a few turns, then go as radical or easy as you desire. We then float into a safe and easy landing right on target.
* 8000 and 10 000 feet jumps

Why not have the entire experience video taped? Your Tandem Instructor carries a Sony digital video camera on the back of his left hand. You get a comprehensive record of your adventure. Gearing up, practice at the aircraft, in the plane on ascent, climb out and FREEFALL, expressions and comments after the parachute opens and some glorious views of the Coffs Harbour landscape and coastline and, of course, the landing. You are THERE the whole time. Smiles, comments, friends and facial expressions a must!!!
We all watch this video immediately after landing, (and see what really happened!) while we make you a copy, mixing some music and adding some slow motion effects to show this as an experience never to forget….

These photos are taken from the digital video camera and downloaded onto a computer CD. You receive about 30 photos. Great to email your friends and and/or relatives….. Also, they can be printed out at any time for your album, or just to give away.

Go all out and prove to your friends that you really did it. Get both together.

We operate 7 days a week, weather permitting and bookings are essential. 
You can reserve your adrenalin slot on contact us on
0428 766 498

Want to skydive by yourself? 
Easy, just call us for the next available course.

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